22/23.06 Performance FLOATING APPLIQUÉ @Kampnagel (Hamburg)

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Duration: ca. 40min

Concept & Choreography : Da Soul Chung

Dramaturgie: Anna Semenova Ganz

Performance: Da Soul Chung, Kathrina Wilke

Mentoring: Antje Pfundtner

Voice: Judith Achner

Referenced scores are from: Jerome Bel, Deborah Hay, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Steve Reich.

FLOATING APPLIQUÉ addresses the questions of ownership and authorship in choreographic works and explores the boundary between referring and plagiarizing. In her work, Da Soul Chung uses the open choreographic scores and existing instructions from different choreographers in order to create new, original work of her own. Through the process of Up-Cycling where the exiting scores are not just re-used but dissolved, and disassembled, the pre-existing scores transforms and develops into an entirely new context with fresh approach and new aesthetic. The choreographer juggles the questions what can be copied and what cannot be? and invites the spectators to look for the answers through the alteration of scores and the her own adaptation of it.

Philosophical observations, multiple and diverse interpretation of the same input, logic games and virtuosity are put together to complete the new work, which doesn’t remind anything performed before. Interlaying existing choreographic scores Da Soul creates refined collage of the movements, the floating appliqué, where the spectator can recognize the patterns and at the same time observe new originality.

 © 2018 by Anna Semenova-Ganz

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