Anna Semenova-Ganz -Performance  Artist, Dreamaturg and Scholar based in Hamburg and Moscow

Anna creates her interdisciplinary works on the gap of performance, public art and media art, as well as choreography. Most of her works are site-specific and participatory. Anna focuses her artistic research on the questions of identity, post-soviet body, the body politics and the place making. Runs summer residency for artistic research "Lesnoye 11" near Moscow.

My current artistic research lays in the field of choreography, ethnography, communication and even anthropology.

How does the body inherit the movement patterns?

What information stays in the body?

How do we remember?

How to research on it?

 Through laboratory formats together with other performers I research on the traces of the former spaces and objects in the body.

 My recent Laboratory Post-soviet body (2017), research-based performative installation "Dacha" (2018)  and movement research based dance perfomance "Striker"(2019) are the part of this process.


2013-2016     Performance Studies, MA (Hamburg University, Germany)

2014-2016    MediaArt Histories (Danube University, Austria)

2012-2013    Institute of Contemporary Art (Moscow, Russia)

1996-2002     Journalism Faculty at Moscow State University, MA (Russia)


International programs 

2019        "Absences and Silences" Symposium at Nordic Summer University at Roosta (Estonia)

2018         The SNDO - School for New Dance Development - intensive course

                 “Practicing community” Symposium at Nordic Summer University at Fårö island ( Sweden)

2017         “Explore-share-perform”summer school at Ruhr-Universität Bohum

2016          Research Academy “Moving Through Words”at Züricher Hochschule der Künste (Switzerland)

2015          Research Academy “Body and Institution” at Züricher Hochschule der Künste  (Switzerland)


2020         "Society of ballet" dance performance, "Limited edition", K3, Kampnagel (Hamburg)

2019         Research laboratory "Something in the air" and

                    Dance-preformance "The Striker" (Moscow) Awarded with Russian theatre prize "Golden Mask" 2020

2018          Performative installation and performance “Dacha” (Summerhouse) at CCI “Fabrika” (Moscow)              

                    Dramaturgy for dance-performance "Floating Appliqué" by choreographer Da Soul Chung at Kampnagel                        (Hamburg)                     

                   Research laboratory “The body of Avant-garde” in collaboration with art-cooperative “Krasnaya shpana”                          (Kampnagel, Hamburg)

2017          “Places and people” site-specific performance, CCI Fabrika (Moscow)

                   “Post-soviet body research laboratory” at ZIL (Moscow, Russia)

                   “Bodyrights” (choreograph Da Soul Chung), dramaturgy at Kampnagel (Hamburg)

2016         “Museum of imaginary performance” at Kampnagel (Hamburg)

                   “And now repeat”, DaDa Space at HFBK (Hamburg)

2015          “The window” installation at the exhibition Workshop’2015 Sub observationem (Moscow Museum                                      of Modern Art)

                   “Planetary pattern” performance and choreography (Berlin)

2014          “Potato” performance at Anna Nova Gallery, parallel program of Manifesta X biennale (St. Petersburg)

2013          “Pure art” performance at Guslitsy art residence (Russia)          

                   “Strength of materials" performance at the exhibition of the same name at ICA (Russia)

                    “The Clew” performance at Serendipity Gallery, ACUD (Berlin)

                   “Souvenir art-service” site-specific performance in ZKU (Berlin)

                   “Thread” performance at Moscow arts and crafts museum (Moscow)

                   “Stone” performance at Museum of Moscow

                   “Pure nature” performance at “Open it!” festival (Berlin)

2012          “Contact calligraphy” performance at ArtPlay (Moscow)

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