Anna Semenova
Moscow, Russia
Performance artist, media-artist

“Contact calligraphy” performance at ArtPlay
“Rhythm of the bear” performance at MiraZHI exhibition
“Birches”, performance
“Listen to me!” performance

"JUMP" interactive movie at MIFF Mefiaforum
“2 mountains”, video
“iceFIREwater”, video
“Pure art” performance  at  Guslitsy art residence
“Net”  performance at LitKabinet gallery auction

"Window" mediainstallation at "Strength of materials" exhibition at ICA

"Strength of materials" performance at the exhibition of the same nam at ICA

"The Clue" performance at Serendipity Gallery, ACUD, Berlin

"Souvenir  art-service" site-specific performance in ZKU, Berlin

"Thread" perfromance at Moscow arts and vrafts museum


2012-2013 Performance workshop by Elena Kovylina at Solyanka gallery

2012-2013 Institute of Contemporarty Art
2011-2012 Media art course at Wordshop Academy

2012 Teaching cource at Yoga Vidya Gurucul, India
2010-2011 Free studios at Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art
2007-2009 Visual communication course at British School of Art and Design
1996-2002 Journalism Faculty at Moscow State University